Dalat Zoodoo tour is an attractive tour in the menu of Dalat cheap daily tours. Come to this tour, you will experience the most beautiful zoo in Dalat. There are also hi-tech vegetable gardens such as giant pumpkin garden, strawberry garden, black tomato…

You will have opportunity to lớn experience da Lat in the wildest và most natural way between high mountain forests. Joining the Dalat Zoodoo tour, you can relax in the natural space. We also can liên hệ with many friendly animals freely.

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Enjoying the wild nature, visitors can also learn more about the history of our country. Because, the location is attached to lớn the tour through Zoodoo that is King Palace 1 – Bao dai Palace.

Enjoying Ago Tourist services, we will give you a wonderful experience và unforgettable experience.

Some experiences for Dalat zoodoo tour

Exploring the 16 hectares of Australian friendly zoo in Dalat. You will follow the zookeeper khổng lồ explore the natural habitat of mammals from all over the world. From small mammals such as hamsters, rabbits, meerkat (prototype of the famous Timon), alcapa camels, ponies horse, curly lambs, kangaroos, Asian monkeys… to lớn colorful tropical feathers representative.Exposure and self-feeding for animals. You only costs a small fee, you can buy food & feeding lovely animals at the zoo.Experiencing peace và quiet domain authority Lat cafeteria. After visiting the lovely animals, you can come Zoodoo cafeteria to lớn enjoy a hot cà phê between the cold weather. Enjoying the fresh air of the da Lat plateau.Go sightseeing the beautiful Hydrangeas flower field in the vast nature. The Hydrangeas flower field is an attractive destination for visitors to domain authority Lat. A beautiful painting, the color of the flowers from white, after the blue or pink màu sắc blaze.Visiting the ancient architecture, the historical witness – King Palace 1 in Dalat.Visiting the strawberry garden, chili garden & look at the giant pumpkin garden.


Infomation of Dalat zoodoo tour – Dalat cheap daily tour


Departure at 8:00, end at 16:30 daily.

8h welcome guests, depart khổng lồ visit the Zoodoo Dalat.Dalat Hydrangeas field. Have lunch.High công nghệ strawberry garden, pepper garden, giant pumpkin gardenVisiting Bao dai Palace – King Palace 1 in Dalat.End of program at 16h30.

Please note: Dalat zoodoo tour will stop for lunch at the restaurant in the area, please self-catering cost.

Tour can change the schedule, tour’s time và place are depending on the weather và the actual situation to lớn ensure the safety of visitors.

Tour price:

Only 400,000 VND / person, no surcharges. Discount 50,000VND per person if you joined tour the day before.

Price includes:

Car pick up at appointmentGuide guides, serving cultural exchange programs.Tickets lớn attend.Wine needs, barbecue.

Price does not include:

gmail.com.Hotline: (+84) 936.968151 (Mr. Timmy)

Detailed program in Dalat zoodoo tour – Dalat cheap daily tour

Visiting Zoodoo – the friendly Australian-style zoo in Dalat

At 8am, depart to the Dalat zoodoo – visit the coffee at Zoodoo.

What did Zoodoo experience?

Explore Australia’s friendly zoo

Making the most of Dalat’s chất lượng space with green pines, flowers and fresh air, Zoodoo opens up a natural-friendly world where animals & humans are không tính tiền to interact. Dalat ZooDoo is built according to xuất hiện zoo in Australia. With a total area of 16 hectares & located in the forest of Lac Duong mountain, Lam Dong.

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Self-feeding for animals (self-sufficient)

You only costs a small fee, you can buy food and feeding lovely animals at the zoo.

Certainly, whatever you are a tín đồ of animals or not, contacting them in close proximity will be an unforgettable experience. In particular, this is a good way to get your baby exposed to the natural world.


Experiencing peace và quiet da Lat cafeteria

Beside the garden area, ZooDoo has a small cafeteria with the wood furniture. Before or after lớn visit the lovely animals, you may be take a hot coffe cup. The current space is being cold, coffe zoodo is a ideal stop. This will be a discipline insiting for you và family.

Menu cà phê – Dalat Zoodoo tour

Enjoying Dalat garden tour

There are many beautiful garden for you such as: hydrangeas flower field, giant pumpkin garden, strawberry garden, đen tomato garden.

Overwhelmed in front of the colorful Hydrangeas flower field. The Hydrangeas flower field is an attractive destination for visitors to domain authority Lat. Here, you can see a beautiful painting. The flowers are colored from white, the latter gradually turning xanh or pink blaze brilliant. You will be overwhelmed the beautiful Hydrangeas flower field in the vast nature. Vày not forget lớn take a snapshot of the photos.


Check-in at the giant pumpkin garden is so famous on the social network last time. Watch and selfi with the giant pumpkin. Experience the pleasure of hearing the special process of this special kind of pumpkin.

Giant pumpkin garden – Dalat Zoodoo tour

In addition lớn giant pumpkins, the garden also planted many other attractive vegetables. These vegetables are grown depending on season. In early July, the garden has grown kale, broccoli, cucumber, herbs, vegetables… and especially đen tomatoes và yellow tomatoes.

Strawberry garden – dalat zoodoo tour

Learning how lớn grow clean vegetables and fruits in strawberry garden, giant pumpkins garden, đen tomatoes garden, etc. Come here you can visit the garden and pick strawberries in the garden (paid).

Visting King Palace 1

The first Bao dẻo King Palace is the historical witness of the last King’s life in Nguyen Dynasty

Immersing yourself in poetic space at King Palace 1 in Dalat. A road stretching from the Gate Residence with the two sides are the ancient melaleuca trees, surrounded by flower beds are blooming to showroom to the extravagant flower for this place. Here, you will be looking at the French architecture, the items have been repaired.

King Palace 1 in da Lat – dalat zoodoo tour

With French architecture, so romantic, the villa is nestled amidst a green pine forest. Before, it was a French millionaire’s villa, then bought by Bao dai King và used this place as workplace.

Road to Palace 1 Bao Dai, da Lat – Zoodoo domain authority Lat tour

The special place of King Bao dẻo chosen as his workplace is the scene bearing bubbly wind around the mansion.

King Palace 1 in da Lat – DalatZoodoo tour

16h30: kết thúc to Dalat zoodoo tour. Tourguide will take you back to lớn the hotel. Ending da Lat daily tour. Good bye và see you again.