Tam cốc ninh bình

Often referred khổng lồ as “Halong bay on Land” due khổng lồ the lush green rice paddies & towering limestone cliffs, Tam Coc và Ninh Binh are areas of Vietnam that are all too often overlooked by visitors. Just two hours south of the bustling thành phố of Hanoi, we think that Tam Coc is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

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Tam Coc and Ninh Binh are the perfect places lớn relax và unwind while soaking up the landscape and the culture of Vietnam. It’s the perfect retreat from hectic Hanoi and touristy Halong Bay. In fact, we highly recommend you add at least a couple of days in this beautiful region lớn your Vietnam itinerary.

Read on for the best things to vì chưng in Tam Coc & Ninh Binh plus where lớn stay, where khổng lồ eat, và more tips for visiting this stunning part of Vietnam!


Trang An Valley Bungalow

If you’d prefer lớn stay in Trang An over Tam Coc, then book a room atTrang An Valley Bungalow. Not only vì they have a stunning location that is extremely peaceful and relaxing, but also have a beautiful pool! It’s the perfect place lớn unwind after a day spent exploring the region.

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Getting Around Tam Coc and Ninh Binh

Most of the homestays in Tam Coc have bicycles & motorbikes available to rent. While it’s nice to cruise around on a bicycle, a few of the highlights are outside of town so you’ll have a long ride ahead of you. A motorbike will run you about 120,000 – 150,000 VND/day but you’ll have to lớn fill up the gas tank (~80,000 VND for a full tank).

For many visitors to lớn Ninh Binh và Tam Coc, a favorite activity is simply roaming around the back roads on a bicycle or motorbike soaking in the beautiful landscape and views of daily life in rural Vietnam.

If you are staying in Tam Coc và are only interested in visiting Bich Dong Pagoda and taking a Tam Coc boat ride, you will be fine with just a bicycle. However, if you want to lớn visit any of the other sites (such as Hang Mu, Trang An, or Hoa Lu), you’ll be much happier on a motorbike as these sites are several miles away from each other.

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It’s also rather easy to get lost on the winding back roads of Tam Coc. We always recommend buying a Vietnamese SIM card as soon as you land in the country. Having internet on your cell phone allows you to lớn utilize Google Maps to help with navigation. If you don’t have a local SIM card, you can download an offline bản đồ of Ninh Binh & Tam Coc on Google Maps.

Contact your homestay prior to your arrival to lớn see if they can pick you up from the bus or train terminal. It’s amazing that they can balance your gigantic luggage và you on the back of their little motorbike on the bumpy, unpaved streets of Tam Coc!

Where to lớn Eat in Tam Coc

Boat tours are the most popular tourist activity in the Ninh Binh region. You’ll cruise along the scenic countryside & through several caves (depending on the time of year and water levels). And if you’re lucky, you’ll kết thúc up with a local who’s skilled enough lớn row with their feet!

You can take a boat trip from three departure areas in the Ninh Binh region – Tam Coc, Trang An, or Linh Coc. Tam Coc is the most popular with tourists and every tour group coming for the day from Hanoi boards a boat here. So expect crowds unless you go early in the morning or late in the day.

Tam Coc Boat Trip

When you arrive at the Tam Coc pier, you’ll park your motorbike near the WC for a 10,000 VND fee. You’ll pay the fee of 120,000 VND per person và 150,000 per boat. Only two foreigners are allowed on each boat. Then you’ll pick up a lifejacket and be assigned a boat driver.

The Tam Coc Boat Tour is an out-and-back, the scenery is nice, và you’ll go through a few caves (although none are so low that you need to sit at the bottom of the boat as you vì chưng with the Trang An boat tour). You won’t get out of your boat at all during the 1.5-2 hour ride so there are no bathroom stops along the way. They won’t make you keep your life jacket on unless you want to.

Most of the boat drivers paddle with their feet which must be quite challenging. Although they all appear khổng lồ be so relaxed while doing it.

Tam Coc Boat Ticket: 120,000 VND per person + 150,000 VND per boat (so 390,000 VND for a 2-person boat tour)

Tipping:We got a hard sell at the halfway point of the trip by another lady selling food who latched onto our boat. When we didn’t show any interest in buying anything she asked us to buy food for our boat driver which we also declined. I am sure if you buy something for your boat driver they will just return it to the vendor & they will split the money. You might as well just tip your boat driver – 25,000 VND per person is the standard rate.