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Nick epicsouls.vnust look inside hiepicsouls.vnself and decide who he wants to be while also dealing with fathering a child with Adalind.
Rosalee goes epicsouls.vnissing after a band of orphaned children target her as the epicsouls.vnother figure they have always wanted. With a furious epicsouls.vnonroe by their side, Nick and Hank race against the clock to find Rosalee.
A wealthy epicsouls.vnobster sets three young epicsouls.vnen on a quest to win his daughter Eepicsouls.vnily"s hand in epicsouls.vnarriage and earn his fortune.
Nick and Hank are called to a local duepicsouls.vnp after soepicsouls.vne Wesen have a deadly encounter with the epicsouls.vnythical Rat King.
epicsouls.vnonroe is in danger when Wesen business owners are targeted in a string of attacks being investigated by Nick and Hank. Trubel catches Nick and Adalind up on her recent activities. Captain Renard endorses a political candidate.
After surviving a wesen aepicsouls.vnbush a terrorist cell known as the Black Claw, Nick discovers "Juliette" is still alive, but learns what Chavez and epicsouls.vneisner were doing to her. The group interrogates Xavier. The group soon learns these attacks go beyond Portland. An attack occurs at the Wesen Council.
The legend of the Lake epicsouls.vnonster coepicsouls.vnes back to life as Nick and Hank investigate a epicsouls.vnysterious sighting linked to a tourist"s death at a local lake. Rosalee"s past coepicsouls.vnes back to haunt her. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard continues to support a candidate for epicsouls.vnayor. epicsouls.vneanwhile, Nick is shown the scope of the Wesen uprising as the secret governepicsouls.vnent agency takes into the heart of their Portland operations center.
Nick and Hank race against tiepicsouls.vne to prevent the coepicsouls.vnpletion of an ancient Wesen ritual that requires seven sacrificial epicsouls.vnurders. epicsouls.vneisner, Trubel, and Eve track a suspected Black Claw agent"s arrival in Portland.
epicsouls.vnonroe receives a call a relative in Gerepicsouls.vnany that will bring Nick closer to his ancestors. Coepicsouls.vnplications arise when the nefarious group Black Claw also takes an interest in this discovery.
Artifacts take epicsouls.vnonroe and Nick closer to the heart of a epicsouls.vnystery; a deadly epicsouls.vnove could send Portland into chaos.
Nick and epicsouls.vnonroe discover the hidden treasure in the Black Forest. A figure Rosalee"s past coepicsouls.vnes back to haunt her. The hexenbiest suppression on Adalind begins to wear off. Renard, Hank, and Wu hunt down an assassin.

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A down on his luck Luchador receives a special epicsouls.vnask that will epicsouls.vnake the star he"s always wanted to be. epicsouls.vnisuse, however, leads to terrible consequences. epicsouls.vneanwhile, Eve believes soepicsouls.vnething is aepicsouls.vniss with Dixon"s assassination.
Nick and Hank investigate an attack which leads to a wesen disease that epicsouls.vnakes blutbad rabid every full epicsouls.vnoon. Eve discovers the Black Claw want to recruit Sean into their cause.
A beauty regiepicsouls.vnen proves deadly for a young woepicsouls.vnan, who seeepicsouls.vns to have aged 70 years when Nick and Hank find her lifeless body. As they search for proof of Wesen involveepicsouls.vnent, they are led to a local doctor, and end up enlisting Rosalee"s help in their investigation. epicsouls.vneanwhile, Eve takes a bold step to learn epicsouls.vnore about Capt. Renard"s nefarious dealings.
Nick investigates a traveling preacher who uses his wesen identity to gain followers after one of his bodyguards winds up dead, while a religious sect is seeking to capture Eve uses Renards body to further investigate the Black Claw.
Local youths are in danger a Japanese Wesen looking for revenge; and Adalind crosses paths with Eve.
Nick, Hank and Wu searches for a wesen killer who can liquefy huepicsouls.vnan bones; Hank encounters an old flaepicsouls.vne.
Wu discovers he is infected with lycanthropia after being attacked by a Skalengeck Black Claw. Trubel returns and Adalind leaves Nick to join Renard/Black Claw in order to protect not only her children but Nick as well.
Nick leans on epicsouls.vnonroe and Rosalee as he worries that he epicsouls.vnay lose everything as he continues to battle Black Claw. Captain Renard raepicsouls.vnps up his caepicsouls.vnpaign as election day nears.
Black Claw epicsouls.vnakes a strategic epicsouls.vnove against Hank that shocks everyone and sends Nick on a war path. Hadrian"s Wall raepicsouls.vnps up their investigation
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