Hang Nga guesthouse, also known as the “Crazy House,” is a piece of artwork that really surpasses the limit of people’s imagination.

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About Crazy House

Dalat has the power to lớn not only romanticize but also inspire people to go beyond their limits. Designed by Vietnamese architect và impressionist Dang Viet Nga, this extraordinary building of non-rectilinear shapes has appeared in many international architectural journals and finally made its way to the danh mục of the world’s ten most creative buildings (according lớn the Chinese People’s Daily).

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Location & History

The house is located at 3 Huynh Thuc Khang St., Ward 3, Dalat City, covering an area approximately 1,600m2. Stemming from the need to build something completely on her own, Architect Nga"s house was started constructing in 1990. The construction as well as the process of claiming for possession of this house are both long stories. Started from scratch, there was time that Ms. Nga was on the verge of bankruptcy when all banks refused to lend her. It was at this point that she came up with the idea of selling tickets for tourists visiting the house. Moreover, after 18 continuous years and 6 times filing, she has been given the possession of this house, as well as its recognition as a piece of art. Still, she doesn"t want lớn relax at all but is going to showroom up more constructions, such as a communal house inside the existing area.

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Unique Architectural Design

As the intention of the architect is khổng lồ make a fairy tale house, the “crazy house” resembles a tree with uneven windows, tunnel-shaped stairways, etc. Both the exterior & the interior of the guesthouse are created và decorated with twisting organic forms & very few right angles. The hollow “tree” extends in many directions, rising above lớn reach khổng lồ the sky of the amazing Dalat. Walking along the cave-shape hallways inside the house is not simply a visit but an exhilarating experience, a departure from the norm; wild mushrooms & spider webs popping up on your way is not unusual. Besides, the guesthouse is really a spectacular construction with ten themed guest rooms such as the tiger room, the eagle room, the ant room & the kangaroo room…, with decorations & handcrafted furniture matching the theme. According to Viet Nga, each room has its own meaning: the tiger room refers khổng lồ the Chinese; the eagle room describes the American; and the ant room represents the Vietnamese, etc.

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Even though it is theoretically a hotel, Hang Nga Guesthouse is today regarded as a “museum” of dream, childhood, abnormality, etc. Everyone has their own interpretation of the house, as well as their own experience but all of them agree on one thing: the guesthouse is so pure và natural that they were once again lost in their childhood dream.

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Visitor Information

For a small fee of VND 20,000, tourists can visit the house as a museum of contemporary architecture which is nowhere else lớn be find in the world

Stay here

Single room costs $34-$47/night while double room"s price ranges from $47-$84/night. Rooms are named after animals such as: Kangaroo, Bear, Ant, Pheasant, etc.

Useful Information

Location: Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Phường 4, domain authority Lat Lam Dong, Vietnam Best for: Family, couple, solo Entrance: 20,000VND Hours: 9AM - 4PM Distance to city center: 3.2km (2.0 mi)